Saturday, June 25, 2011

Discussion: Week 1 -- The Help

Today is the end of week one of The Help.

This week we read chapters 1--9. 

As always, the questions are numbered so you can answer by number in the comments.

Please be clear about which question you are answering and don't forget to come back and see any responses to your comments! 

Let the discussion begin!

  1. Chapter 3--What do you think of Minny's mama's rules for working for White Ladies?
  2. Chapter 5--Skeeter talks a lot about her looks and being told she was ugly. Do you think her looks are what kept her from finding a husband in college like her friends?
  3. The book is set in the Civil Rights era...what did you find most difficult to learn about that time so far?
  4. What makes Skeeter and Celia different than the other White Ladies in the book? What is the same?
  5. Who do you feel you've learned most about what that time period in the south was like--Abilene, Minny, or Skeeter, and why?
  6. So far, who is your favorite narrator, and why?
  7. Do you have any favorite parts from this weeks reading?

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