Sunday, June 12, 2011

Discussion: Week 3 - Matched

Week 3 discussion is here! That means the poll for our next reading selection is closed. Our next selection will be The Help by Kathryn Stockett. So go and get it now!

This week we read chapters 17 -- 24. 

Discussion for week 2, chapters 9-16 can be found here and discussion for Week 1, Chapters 1--8 can be found here.

Be aware that the questions may contain spoilers--if you haven't gotten this far, wait to read the questions until you have reached the end of Chapter 24.

The questions are numbered so you can answer by number in the comments.

Please be clear about which question you are answering . Also, with our comment setup, other participants can reply directly to your comment, as well as subscribe to all comments given so everyone can keep up with 
the discussion!

Don't feel like you have to answer every question, and if you would like to present a question that is not on the list, feel free to do so.

Let the discussion begin!

1. In chapter 18 the Officials come to collect Artifacts. This seems to have been because Em had Cassia's compact at her Match ceremony. Do you think this was truly the reason for collecting artifacts? Why or why not, and what other reason might there be?

2. In chapter 19 the hikers are given the task to mark obstacles. Do you think the recreational hiking has an ulterior motive, and if so, what?

3. In chapter 20 Cassia says she feels she & Ky are their true selves when they are hiking together, yet Cassia has mentioned before how well she and Xander know each other. What are the similarities and differences in how Xander & Cassia know each other and how Ky & Cassia know each other? How is Cassia's true self with Ky different than the Cassia Xander knows?

4. Also in Chapter 20, Xander asks Ky if he wants to play a 1:1 game, something Xander doesn't usually play as he likes group games. Why do you think Xander does this?

5. In Chapter 22 the Official tells Cassia that there is a 95% chance her feelings for Ky will be over by the time she's 25. What do you think?

6. In Chapter 23 Cassia's mother explains that the maple trees on the street are being cut down for being un-uniform. How are the trees symbolic of the people of the Society? What do you think this moment foreshadows?

7. In Chapter 24, what is the significance of the story of Bram's first day of school?

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