Friday, June 17, 2011


We'd like to drum up some more participation! (Thanks SBaney for your participation in Week 3 Discussion!)

It appears that tomorrow will wrap up our discussion of Matched by Ally Condie. (Click HERE to vote by midnight tonight). Our new book, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, will likely begin on Monday (see link above). Therefore, we have a proposal.

Starting with submitting discussion questions by midnight tonight ( or, there will be one drawing entry given per discussion question submitted and discussion question answered by the submitter/answer-er until the end of Week 3 of The Help. Get a friend to join and participate and you get an extra entry for bringing in a friend.

After Week 3, all entries will be put into a drawing and the winner of the drawing will be sent a free copy of the next book chosen (our selection after The Help). We could use some new suggestions for our selection poll, so be sure to submit them. They can be repeats of books in past polls. If you aren't exactly crazy about the next book chosen and would like to save your free copy until later when a book you're more interested in comes about, we can do that instead. 

We hope that this will help generate some more interest in our discussions. We have 13 followers and who knows who else is actually checking out the blog? 

If you have a moment, send us an e-mail or comment below (you can do so anonymously if you'd like) about what else might generate more participation, or maybe what has kept you from participating so far. Remember, you don't have to love the books to participate in the discussion. It doesn't have to be a love-fest of the book! If you disagree with a point, tell us!

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