Monday, June 13, 2011

Matched: Week 4

This week we will finish Matched by Ally Condie. Our reading for the week is Chapters 25--32. Discussion for Week 3 is HERE, ready and waiting for your thoughts! Week 2 Discussion (found HERE) had some great participation. Let's keep it up! Week 1 Discussion can be found HERE.

As mentioned on Saturday, The Help by Kathryn Stockett is our next selection. To determine when we will begin reading, please take a moment to let us know your thoughts about our Week 4 discussion below.

Also, we are ready for your suggestions for our poll for choosing our next selection (for after The Help). E-mail us ( or

We can discuss Matched Week 4 and discuss Matched in its entirety on this coming Saturday's discussion, or we can move to a Week 5 and discuss the entire book Matched. If we do discuss Week 4 & the entire book this Saturday, we will begin The Help on Monday June 20 & that will give everyone two weeks to get the book and read the first week. Otherwise, we will begin The Help on June 27 and that will give everyone 3 weeks to get the book read. The Help is easily found at Target for sure, not sure about Wal-mart. We do want to know what will work best for everyone, so please take a moment and vote in the poll below, and/or leave your thoughts/feelings in the comments. Please consider sharing your thoughts on whether we should decide this on a case by case basis or stick to a strict schedule (as far as lumping Week 4 discussions & the whole book together or discussing them separately).

How should we handle Week 4 Discussion?

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