Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Want a Free Book?

Just wanted to remind y'all about the giveaway we have going on, that started with our Week 4 Discussion of Matched by Ally Condie, our last book club selection. 

(All discussions are ongoing! Feel free to comment on discussions in our past selections. By clicking on the labels on the bottom left side bar, you can find all posts related to a particular book we've covered previously.)

So. How do you win a free book? Here's how:

  • For every discussion question you answer until the end of Week 3 of The Help, you will receive an entry.
  • For every discussion question you SUBMIT (including the discussion for Week 3 of The Help), you will receive an entry.
  • For every friend you get to join us AND participate, you will receive an entry (have your friend comment on being sent by you).

You might have also noticed that we have a button! This week, you can get an extra entry by posting our button on your blog & commenting on this entry with a link to your blog. You can post it in an entry or place it in your side bar.

We are ending this giveaway at the end of Week 3 because that is when we will be announcing our next selection, to give everyone a chance to get the book. The winner of the giveaway can use their win to get the next book club selection for free, or hang on to get the selection of their choice for free later. Either way, you get a free book!

Don't forget to vote for your choice for our next selection! The poll is on the left sidebar.

To submit questions for discussion (due by midnight Friday night), book suggestions for the poll, or to get help posting your button, e-mail us! Alisha ( or Candace (

We are really excited about all of the participation we've gotten so far. Let's keep it going!

ETA: I just got an e-mailed suggestion for the poll! Unfortunately when I went to add it I was unable since votes have already been made. Any suggestions we now receive will be added to the next poll. The cut-off for sending suggestions for the next poll will be the end of Week 4 of The Help and voting will begin at Week 1 of our next book. Thanks for the suggestion, Theresa, & keep them coming!

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