Saturday, July 2, 2011

Discussion: Week 2--The Help

How is everyone enjoying this book? I accidentally read ahead too far and I'm trying to hold myself back because I started to answer with spoilers for the Week 1 Discussion last week! OOPS! I think I caught it all, though.

We're ready for our Week 2 Discussion of The Help, covering Chapters 10--17.

Questions are numbered to make it easier to reference the other responses. Be aware that the questions themselves may contain spoilers--read at your own risk!

We had great participation last week, let's keep it going. Don't forget that each time you comment you get an entry for a free book. We only have 7 days left to vote for our next selection, which will be announced next weekend. So far Bossypants by Tina Fey is in the lead! Next week we'll have some summaries about each book and links to read excerpts.

Let the discussion begin!

1. In Chapter 11, Aibileen is afraid of the white folks finding out about her interviews with Skeeter.Why do you think she and Skeeter are taking so many precautions to avoid notice, even though they are in Aibileen's part of town?

2. Johnny Foote asked Minny to not tell Celia that he knows she's hired Minny. What does this tell us about Johnny and how he feels about his wife? Why do you think Minny was so frightened of him before?

3. What do you think of Miss Leefolt's relationship with her mother, and how does it compare with Miss Leefolt's relationship with Mae Mobley?

4. Why do you think the Jim Crow Laws that Hilly found in Skeeter's bag upsets her so much?

5. Do you think Skeeter should have forgiven Stuart?

6. Favorite parts/lines/stories in this week's readings?

7. Any thoughts to share on what you read this week?

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