Sunday, July 10, 2011

Discussion Week 3 -- The Help

Here we are at the end of week three! One more week till the end of the book and that also means that the poll for our next selection is closed. 

Our next book will be Bossypants by Tina Fey (I'm really excited!).  So go get it now! We will start reading next week.
If there is a book that you would like to read, please send us an email and we will add it to our poll for the next selection!

This week we read chapters 18-26

Questions are numbered to make it easier to reference the other responses. Be aware that the questions themselves may contain spoilers--read at your own risk!

Let the discussion begin!

  1. What shows that Aibeleen is becoming more comfortable with Skeeter?
  2. What are some preconceptions Skeeter had about Aibeleen and how have they changed?
  3. Do you think Pascagoula, the maid at Skeeter's, knows what is going on?
  4. Do you think Hilly had ulterior motives in hooking up Skeeter & Stuart?
  5. Minny won't speak of Celia Foote when Skeeter interviews her. Do you think Minny is looking out for her job or is she protecting Celia? Why?
  6. Working for Celia, Minny has broken some of her mama's rules for working for white Ladies....which ones do you think?
  7. How did you feel about the benefit being told by a generic narrator, rather than one of the usual 3? Did you enjoy the universal perspective or did you miss the unique voices of the 3 narrators?
  8. Aibileen and Minny talk about what would have happened if the Naked White Man had been black. What do you think would have happened had Minny been the one to whack the naked guy with the poker?
  9. Do you think Minny's Terrible Awful was the real deal or just implied?
  10. How would you describe some/one of the characters in 5 words or less? (user submitted question)
  11. Favorite moments/quotes/etc.

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