Friday, July 15, 2011


Tomorrow we will be posting the final questions for our discussion of The Help. Please remember to submit any questions for discussion by midnight tonight to or Questions can be for the Week 4 Discussion or for the book in its entirety. 

Tonight is also the deadline for submitting titles for our poll to select our book after Bossypants. We've had two suggestions so far and would love a few more. The poll will begin on Monday and will end at the end of Week 3--Bossypants.

Judging by the poll we have up currently, it looks like we'll be continuing with the free book giveaway for participation. Let us know--do you want us to count just by participation of answering discussion questions & submitting questions or do you want to earn extra entries by getting friends to participate and also by spreading the word about the book club? Do you have any other ideas for getting extra entries?

We are definitely going to count submitting discussion questions, so if you want to earn entries for a free book, you can start by submitting questions for our Week 4 & Final discussion for The Help--get them to us by midnight tonight!

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