Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 2--Bossypants

This week we begin Week 2 of Bossypants. How much are you laughing so far?

This week's reading is:
Climbing Old Rag Mountain--Remembrances of Being a Little Bit Fat

Discussion for Week 1--Bossypants can be found HERE

In our previous poll, popular vote demanded that we continue the Free Book Giveaway! Here are the rules for being entered:

  • For every discussion question you answer starting with the Week 4 Discussion for The Help until the end of Week 3 of Bossypants, you will receive an entry.
  • For every discussion question you SUBMIT (including the discussion for Week 3 of Bossypants), you will receive an entry.
  • For every friend you get to join us AND participate, you will receive an entry (have your friend comment on being sent by you).

You might have also noticed that we have a button (left sidebar, 3rd down)! Get an entry by posting it to your blog. You can post it in an entry or place it in your side bar. Don't have a blog? Link to this site on your Facebook & comment on this post to let us know.

We are ending the giveaway at the end of Week 3 because that is when we will be announcing our next selection, to give everyone a chance to get the book. The winner of the giveaway can use their win to get the next book club selection for free, or hang on to get the selection of their choice for free later. Either way, you get a free book!

(Your free book can be a physical copy or an e-copy!)

Don't forget to vote for your choice for our next selection! The poll is on the left sidebar; a link to a post of descriptions of each book is below the poll. You have 11 days left to vote!

To submit questions for discussion (due by midnight Friday night), book suggestions for the poll, or to get help posting your button, e-mail us! Alisha (alisha.wordshakers@gmail.com) or Candace (candace.wordshakers@gmail.com).

As always, discussions for any of the books are ongoing. Feel free to jump in at any time, especially if you're just joining us!

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