About This Blog

The Word Shakers is an online book club that has been sprouted out of a passion for reading and a desire to discuss the words that move us. 

Our inaugural book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I read it a while back and Alisha recently picked it up. We started discussing it over text messaging and I became so excited that I decided I needed to read it again. That text discussion led to the formation of this book club, and we hope to create a place where anyone can read together and discuss no matter where you live or what your schedules are like (which can be a challenge for in-real-life book clubs).

As we are just getting started, things may change and/or evolve as we figure things out. To get started, here is how things will work
  • Our aim is to read 1 book in a four week period. A reading schedule is set up in the side bar.
  • On Saturdays a post will be made to facilitate discussion. Discussion will take place in the comments. If you have questions you would like included, please e-mail it to an administrator by the Friday before for inclusion (contact info on the "Contact" page).
  • Please express your opinions but do not attack others! 
  • Feel free to read ahead if you can't put the book down but please be mindful not to spoil for others when commenting. 
  • A poll is set up in the side bar for choosing the next selection. Please e-mail one of the administrators to have your suggestion added.

We hope that through this online book club we can have great discussions, learn new things, find inspiration, and make new friends. Please invite other book lovers you know to join us in reading and discussing our latest selection.