How To Participate

We want anyone interested to be able to participate, so you don't need a special account to comment! However, you can participate by using your Google, Facebook, etc. accounts if you want. Follow along below with the red arrows to learn how to choose how you want to comment:

 Use your mouse to click on "[#] Comments" 

Type your comments to add to the discussion.

Click "Post as..." to view your different posting options.

To the left are the different ways you can post. For example, you can post using your e-mail address, your Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts, or by choosing OpenID you can post without using your e-mail address and instead use your website address.

If you select "Subscribe to all comments by email" all comments posted after yours will be e-mailed to you so that you can follow the discussion from your inbox.

When you've finished making your selections, choose "Post comment" to join in the discussion.